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This will be open later in 2020 – contact will be made with all previous visitors as soon as this is open for bookings, and please contact to be notified

Please note that your entry time can be booked using the registration below to ensure a consistent flow of attendees but this does not limit your students time at the event.  

Travel Subsidy

A travel subsidy will be offered to schools who are required to hire transport for students to travel to the event. The subsidy will only be issued after the event to schools who attend the event and check in at the event reception. We do not pay a subsidy for school owned transport. The Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival reserves the right to withhold the travel subsidy to any school which does not attend at their pre booked time slot. Please assist us with safe management of the event by only arriving during your allocated timeslot.

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Time slot chosen (time indicated is time of arrival)
Wed 4 March 9.30-10.30 (this hour is open to SEND students only)Wed 4 Mar 10.30-11.30Wed 4 Mar 11.30-12.30Wed 4 Mar 12.30-13.30Wed 4 March 14.30 (event closes at 15.30)Thurs 5 March 9.30-10.30Thurs 5 March 10.30-11.30Thurs 5 March 11.30-12.30Thurs 5 March 12.30 (event closes at 13.30)

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